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Get Ready for Action: NBA, MLB and NHL Betting Contests!

  • Immerse yourself in the thrill of the NBA, MLB, and NHL seasons with our captivating betting contests.
  • Engage in weekly challenges, focusing on all major sports. Place your bets from Monday to Sunday.
  • Your position in the contests will hinge on your total successful bets on NBA, MLB, and NHL games throughout the week.
  • Strategize your victories: choose Moneyline, Spreads, or Totals for each matchup. Once your bet is in, it’s final.
  • Tiebreakers for the NBA contest will rely on the outcome of the last game each Sunday night. In the event of game cancellations, reschedules, or interruptions, affected picks will be considered losses.
  • Entries for each contest close 10 minutes before the week’s final NBA, or NHL game. In the event of a tie, prizes will be shared equally among the winners.
  • Begin Your Betting Adventure: New App Users Receive $500 in Fantasy Money!
  • Boost Your Betting Skills: Log into the app for an immediate $25 bonus. Ascend the leaderboard for a shot at a $500 Real Money account with our premium partner BetUS. Continue to play and lead to secure your prize!
  • All winners will undergo account verification in line with regulations.
  • Terms and conditions may be updated at our discretion. Your ongoing engagement with our betting platform indicates agreement with these terms.

Pass, rebound, and be a team player! T&C

  • Dive into the heart of sports excitement with our exclusive NBA, MLB, and NHL betting contests!
  • Weekly Challenges: From Monday to Sunday, each week brings a new opportunity to showcase your betting skills on your favorite NBA, MLB, and NHL games. Whether you’re a fan of buzzer-beaters or power plays, there’s something for everyone.
  • Reward Distribution: Each Monday, the leading player on the leaderboard receives $100 in fantasy money, facilitating ongoing engagement in the contest. Success is determined by the cumulative successful bets across all three leagues, offering a diverse and thrilling contest experience, exclusively for the top-ranking participant.
  • Betting Options: Flexibility is key. Choose between Moneyline, Spreads, or Totals for each game to align with your winning strategy. Once a bet is placed, it’s locked in – choose wisely!
  • Tiebreakers and Entries: For NBA contests, tiebreakers are determined by the outcome of the final game each Sunday night. Entries for each week’s contest close 10 minutes before the week’s concluding game in any of the three leagues, so stay ahead of the clock!
  • Game Cancellation Policy: In the event of sports events being canceled, rescheduled, or interrupted, the affected bets will not count as losses; instead, these picks will be refunded, allowing participants to reassess and strategize their betting choices accordingly.
  • Incentives for New Users: New to the app? Kickstart your betting journey with $500 in fantasy money! Plus, log into the app to instantly receive a $25 bonus and climb the leaderboard for a chance to win a $500 Real Money account with our Premium Partner BetUS.
  • Playing Options: Whether you’re here for fun or to play for real, our contests cater to every type of player. Register at BetUS to transform your predictions into real stakes and real wins.
  • Terms and Conditions: Participation in our contests is subject to terms and conditions, ensuring fair play and integrity. We reserve the right to update these at our discretion. Your continued use of our betting platform signifies your acceptance of these terms.

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